Dacia 1300

Leisure Projects

Rendering a Dacia 1300 was one of our goals from day 1. We just had to create a unique setting to visualize this Romanian “muscle car”. Our shared passion for this car’s looks drove us in searching more about it’s history and background.
Assembly of the Dacia 1300 (Romanian Renault 12) started in August 1969 and continued for an exceptionally long time, until July 2004. Over the years it was re-styled seven times and manufactured in numerous LCV versions. In all, early two million Dacia 1300s were built at the Pitesti factory. Initial technical characteristics of the Dacia 1300: four doors, five seats, longitudinal front-mounted engine,1298 cm3, 54 hp, maximum speed 144 km/h.
By 1970 the 1300 was available in several versions, including the standard 1300, the super 1300 and a model developed specially for the apparatchiks of the Romanian Communist Party, the 1301 (in reality a French R12 TS). The estate version went into production in 1973.