Hotel Golden

Exterior Design, Interior Design

Golden Beach Resort is ideally positioned overlooking the tranquil waters of Pumicestone Passage, Australia. The architecture style is based on Phi, the Golden Ratio that appears throughout nature. In order to achieve beauty and balance, the Golden Ratio was used in all aspects and stages of the design, hence the name, Golden Beach Resort. This ratio for those who are wondering, occurs over and over again in nature. It is found in everything from the shape of our universe, the structure of clouds, and the even the proportions of the human body. Humans have incorporated it into everything from mathematics, to artwork, and music. With such varied applications, it should come as little surprise that we used it in the hotel’s fundamental principles.

Golden Beach Resort is a relaxing place to enjoy the beaches and variety of family attractions on the Sunshine Coast. Protected by Bribie Island, the calm waters of Golden Beach offer an array of aquatic activities, including boating, fishing and kayaking. For those whose pursuits are more suited to dry land, head inland to explore the area’s stunning mountain ranges or wine and dine to your heart’s content in the cosmopolitan locale of Noosa. Australia Zoo is just a 25-minute drive from the Golden Beach and Underwater World, one of Australia’s largest aquariums, is in nearby Mooloolaba. There are several shopping precincts on the Sunshine Coast and a trip into the hinterland will allow you to explore charming towns and beautiful nature walks with awe-inspiring views.