Ciprian Mihai Mocanu

I consider myself an intelligent and introspective person.

I am known to be a perfectionist at work or among friends and I always set really high standards for myself and others.

In the past, as a design department deputy with TAA Group, I coordinated a team of seven, consisting of three 3D designers, one 2D designer, two CNC-Robot operators and one plotter operator. Apart from the active designer role that I played in the team, I was constantly engaging the design department in finding new ways of becoming a unit that is able to carry the load of developing and producing 3D models from scratch, up to the part where they’re sent to the next step o production, all this, in an organized and orderly fashion. Controlling the information and materials coming in and out of the cluster, allowed me to involve each and every one in the work of others in the department. Coordinating the Design department this way has been proven to be very successful, efficient, rewarding and extremely fun. Together with my team of Designers, we have managed to perfect and implement a workflow which led to a 50% increase in production in the workshop. Having grown together in the past year with this multi-purposed team, we’ve met every challenge from the design stage to the production stage with a lot of hard work and passion at the same time.

“Ciprian was one of the greatest Designers I have worked with, not only in regard with his design skills, but also he was a great Design Department Coordinator at Escenomatica subsidiary of TAA-Group. He managed to coordinate a team of Concept, Artistic and Industrial Designers and beside his creative attitude he also proved as a capable leader in an extremely complex environment like the Theming Industry. He worked on international projects for Disney, Marvel, Ferrari or Warner Brothers, and his products were always praised by top level clients. During his time at Escenomatica in TAA-Group, he was also responsible for the Research and Development Process regarding the commissioning of sculpting robots. I can recommend him not only for a position as Designer, but also for a middle-management position, due to his adequate organisational vision.”- Julien-Ferencz Kiss, Head of HR – TAA Group