Laurentiu Lup

I have been interested in Design since an early age. As an explorer, I was curious how things work and why they do. After graduating high school in Architecture and Design with a Bachelor’s degree in Product Design, I realized what “Design” actually is.

Design has played, for a long time, a major role in people’s existence and it will continue to be in the list of important jobs for the future, therefore my work will always be appreciated, respected and recognized.

I feel really good when I succeed to turn my ideas into reality, actual creations. It helps me feel accomplished as a creator, after a hard day’s work. My field of expertise is 3D modelling, conceptual art and 3D visualization.

I am an organised and open-minded person. A team worker also, a skill gained from a lot of team work projects. A motivator, visionary and good listener, cooperative and constructive, friendly and diplomatic.