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Spectacular Renderings Of Your Models!

We Create High Quality 3D Models!

3D Animations Based On Your Models

Virtual Tours Of Your Models And Scenes

File Preparation For CNC Drilling/3D Printing

Unique Custom Made 3D Designs Shirts

Who We Are

What We Offer

Hey there! We are Gizmo, a band of merry designers.

Combining our unique set of skills, an eye for detail, youth, energy and enthusiasm with 3DS Max and Solidworks modeling, we get incredible and fast results.

For us, it has always been about vision. About the heart and core of the concept, the idea.

Let’s just take a second, breath in, and talk about your dream, your vision, so that we can find a way together to push and develop your idea even further.

We are highly dedicated and we aim to please!

3D Visualization
3D Modelling
3D Animation
3D Manufacturing

Friendly Service

Cost Efficent


Revisions Included

• For architectural, detailed landscape, and other localized proximity 3D documentation we provide services such as 3D Photogrammetry.

• The accuracy of the scan data can be expected to fall within 2-5 centimeters having a measurable range between 15-100 meters.

• Having extensive experience in multiple, precision 3D modeling software, we offer 3D models with high-precision measurable accuracy.

• We also deliver clear, accurate CAD plans and detailed drawings from point clouds for Architects, Engineers, and Construction firms, in a variety of BIM software platforms.

Photogrammetry vs 3D Modelling
Photogrammetry vs 3D Modelling
Photogrammetry vs 3D Modelling
Photogrammetry vs 3D Modelling

Production Ready

100% CAD Compatibility

High Res Textures

High Poly/Low Poly

G-Codes/3D Printing

• Starting from a model provided by you, or if needed created by us, we can generate the G-Codes/Files which are used to operate your CNC Mill or 3D Printer.

• For generating your 3D model codes we use software compatible with most CNCs, in which we can set the drill changes depending of the used material and set the advancing speed accordingly as well.


• We also love to use our CAD software skills to develop funny and stylish ideas that are later displayed on T-shirts.

• From a technical standpoint, it is the very same thing as an architectural rendering but with a more artistic touch. In return we get a living walking canvas while you get your own unique awesome shirt.


Every once in a while we have some spare time to try new things and experiment with new techniques and very different models that are not so common in our day to day work.


Before We Start
  • It is primordial for us that our customers are fully satisfied with the services we provide. We deliver on time with incredible results and we are determined to always give 20% more than you expect. You can rely on us to provide 24/7 expert assistance on your project in order to help you achieve the results desired.
  • Getting the job right the first time is the way we can deliver on time, so we offer 3 Design Packages for you to choose from. Two out of three customers chose our second package.

Package 1

We ask:

  • Base model provided by architect
  • Technical drawings
  • References

We offer:

  • 6 Renderings

Package 2

We ask:

  • Base model provided by architect
  • Technical drawings
  • References

We offer:

  • Remodel of the 3D files (if needed)
  • 12 Renderings
  • Virtual Tour/Animation

Package 3

We ask:

  • Scale Dimensions
  • References

We offer:

  • Concept Design
  • 3D Modelling
  • 24 Renderings
  • Animation
  • Virtual Tour


We started our career in the theming industry where we perfected our skills regarding the Design process and 3D Manufacturing.

Along the way we took part in projects such as IMG Worlds of Adventure Dubai, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi : Mission Ferrari/Bennos Great Race, Tomorrowland 2015: Main Stage, Legoland Dubai, Futuroscope: Ice Age, Parc Asterix France,  Plopsaland De Panne-Princessia Kasteel, Blue Whale Paris, Dr. Archibald Fun Ride Germany, Sea Life Rome/Chongqing, Miniland Dubai and Disneyland Parc Star Tours II: The Adventure Continue.

Being passionate about Architecture, Product Design and Visual Amenity, Gizmo3DStudio was born.

Laurentiu and Ciprian are amongst the best industrial designers I have ever worked with. They are talented, driven and super hardworking. They are always available (almost 24/7) for discussions, and they come out with clever ideas to tackle some technical problems that we can’t solve. They communicate well, understand our needs with minimal explanation, and always adhere to deadlines. They are so easy to work with and I cannot say enough good things about them. I would highly recommend Laurentiu & Ciprian to anyone!
Lindon Gao/QueueHop
Earnest, Fast, Artists! I just wanted an exterior rendering and some interior designs but I received a dream, an ultramodern approach to my vision . Everything looks better than I imagined. They also gave me new ideas that I will try to translate into reality. 5 stars in communication. Without any difficulty they understood all of my wishes. They are the best! Gizmo Super Team !!!
Miladinov Milos/Ministry Of Tooth
A great team. We finished the project on time and exactly as we wanted.
Dorel Puchianu/Testat in Romania
We have requested complete design services in a project that is not easy at all, and I was surprised by the passion, the seriousness and the willingness to finish the project at the highest standards. We recommend them for clients with high expectations.
Ovidiu Dafinca/Romdaf
A professional team with focus on conceptualization, attention to detail and customer needs. I highly recommend.
Vasile Birgauanu/Tomorrow