Go Clutter-Free

This may sound simple but it’s one of the biggest hurdles when switching to a minimalist lifestyle. This is because most homes have piles of junk, toys, knick-knacks, closets full of clothes that haven’t fit in years. It all has to go. We understand you love your stuff, but you need to be ruthless. Only pick things you need the most. Go room by room and ask yourself “Do I really need this? Is this adding something worthwhile to my life? Do I love this thing?” Most of us hold on to things for the wrong reasons: we keep them “just in case”, we feel guilty getting rid of a gift we don’t love, or we just don’t think about it. Once your home is clear of clutter, you’ll realize those things truly were a burden.


Be mindful when you make purchases. Analyze your reasons for making a purchase first – Is this an impulse buy? Are you really in love with this item? It is better to invest in multipurpose furniture instead of cluttering the house with many furniture units.

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Client : Koskinen Family
Location : Tampere
Year : 2019

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