Loqness Gizmo 3D Studio
Loqness Gizmo 3D Studio

Loqness Senses eliminates the need for keys offering you the possibility of choosing to enter your property by using biometric fingerprint identification, Bluetooth connected smartphone, numeric code or Mifare card. When you are near the lock you can also give access to anyone you want on a permanent, temporary or single entry basis.

With an innovative design, Loqness Senses smart lock is an all-around carefully crafted product. The materials used for its construction are of premium quality, with high resistance to moisture and corrosion.

Loqness Senses smart lock is battery operated and is designed for DYI installation. Because of its reduced volumetric dimensions, it’s easy to install by simply replacing the existing lock on almost any type of door: UPVC, metallic, aluminium or wooden. The mechanical drive system is integrated and there is no need to replace the existing mortise.

Client : Loqness
Location : Cluj Napoca
Year : 2018

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