Miss the 80’s?

What could be more fun than finding your way through a subway car with a buzz on? A night out at Subway Ark is about so much more than drinks. Check out our late night attraction for a fun detour on your next adventure.

Don't Drool

Come for the drinks… stay for the art!

Just because a pub is a space where you spend a considerable amount of time per month doesn’t mean that a bar needs to be a place chockablock with a lot of things. By paring down furniture, doodads and knick-knacks, bars can become a minimalist retreat, ideal for lounging, socializing, or art shows.

Here’s the scenario: It’s past midnight on a Friday, you and the crew are tipsy already, looking for a cool place to have a great time. Looking for some great music or a live DJ? Subway Ark has you covered. Later, later aligator!

Client : N/A
Location : N/A
Year : 2020

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