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Our team took part in the development and implementation of the Ulysse Residence website, as well as all the adjacent content. We were heavily involved in the interior and landscape design processes. In regards to the exterior, we followed the guidelines and plans of the Ace Studio architecture firm .


A unique place that will bring a feeling of comfort and security.



• This luxury residential complex combines nature with city spirit. The basic idea is the principle of “living in green”, so there is a central zone with a playground and other recreational facilities.

• The complex is located near several key locations, which will allow you to smoothly organise some of your daily activities. Primary and High schools, a health centre and post office are in the vicinity. The location makes this unique oasis a perfect place for living a comfortable life in one of the crowdiest cities in the country.


Ulysse Residence has an underground parking lot and a top notch elevator. Also, the techniques and materials used are state of the art. Generous surfaces and the placing made this lot one of the most desired residential areas from Timișoara’s area of expansion. The site is located at roughly 15 minutes from the town center, yet it offers 24/7 security, regular maintenance and complete privacy. It even has a supermarket at a stone’s throw.

Client : Ulysse Residence
Location : Timișoara
Year : 2018

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